About Us

Who Are We?

We are an organization made up of parents, family members, educators, thought-leaders, medical professionals, concerned citizens, and Washingtonians from all walks of life and all corners of the state. We are a community of people who believe parents have a fundamental right to make informed medical decisions for their children.  Decisions free from unnecessary and overreaching mandates that compromise our personal, philosophical, and medical liberties.

Our Mission

Informed Choice Washington was founded in 2015 in order to protect individual rights to informed choice, medical freedom, and the privacy of the patient-doctor relationship. We are standing up to protect the rights and civil liberties every Washingtonian deserves. By bringing ALL the science into the vaccination conversation we will put a stop to the collateral damage caused by inappropriate one-size-fits all vaccine regulations. Through a science and liberty based approach we will educate the public and elected officials while protecting individuals from possible injury.

The Issues

Update coming soon on current issues. We focus in general terms on education in regards to medical freedom, immunity, and the current science of genetics, epigenetics, and environmental toxins.

What We Believe

Personal freedom and civil liberties are fundamental.

Parents have a fundamental right to health care choices on behalf of their children and free from governmental interference, whether those choices are based upon scientific research, medical necessity, philosophical beliefs, or religious values.

Philosophical exemptions protect our children and our values.

Washingtonians are proud to protect the individuality of personal belief systems and the right to make choices on behalf of those belief systems is fundamental to the core of our civil liberties.

Informed consent builds trust in the medical system.

The patient-doctor relationship is founded on trust and individualized treatment. Mandates violate the privacy of medical care between families and their physicians.

Vaccines are a medical product, designed to provoke an immune response.

We understand that while vaccines are commonly used tools to control some infections, they are not one-size-fits all, and there are many factors that can influence an individual’s reaction to a vaccine. If administered without consideration for unique genetic, environmental, health, and lifestyle conditions, they pose risks. We believe every doctor should be fully trained in vaccine safety and vaccine risk factors, including environmental exposures which can increase risk of injury. We believe every single child should be afforded personalized medicine. Parents should have the freedom to make decisions with their doctor to decide what is right for their family.

Legislators should support civil liberties and parental rights.

Washingtonians prides ourselves on our personal freedoms and individual choice. Giving the state the right to mandate a medical procedure, and compromising the freedom for parents to make personal medical decisions is not something the overwhelming majority of Washingtonians want. We have a strong tradition of valuing personal medical freedom and should continue that by protecting vaccine exemptions for families that believe it is the best decision for their children.

InformedChoiceWA is a proud member of the Coalition for Informed Consents (CIC)