Get Involved

Citizen Action – How You Can Make a Difference!


There are over 140 legislators in the Washington Legislature. Each one will have an important role regarding this legislation and you should be equipped with reaching out to them.

  1. First, focus productive efforts on contacting your individual senator and representatives.
  2. Secondly, contact the members of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee or the Senate Committee on Health Care.

If a legislator does not fit either of those criteria, your efforts will not be productive and may potentially backfire. Please trust the system and protocols in place so that each legislator can dedicate the time necessary to hear the opinions of those they represent.

Talk to the House Committee Members

Talk to your State Representatives and Senators

Find your Legislator

Tell the media why this matters!

  • Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper about your position on this legislation
  • Email your local radio station about this issue, ask them to address it, and share your position opposing this legislation

Meet and educate the folks in public health

Reach out to your local health boards, school boards, the State Health Department, the State Board of Health with your concerns. Bring them data! Send them to this website.

Social Media – Join us!

  • Invite five friends to like the Facebook page or request to join the group.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @InformedChoiceWa:
  • Use #protectmedicalfreedom when referencing this issue and spread the awareness
  • Like and Share our posts and tweets with others

Join our Coalition

  • Your public support makes a difference! By joining our ever-growing list of supporters, we can show our legislators, the media, and fellow Washingtonians that we have a strong coalition with a wide-variety of support.
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